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Vision & Mission




Camlife is the first life insurancecompany to open its doors in theKingdom of Cambodia.In 2015, Royal Group Companiesowned by Neak Oknha Kith Mengbought 100 percent of the shares from Ministry ofEconomic and Finance (MEF), now Camlife is not onlyfirst life insurance company to begin its operations in theKingdom, but also 100 percent owned and operated by alocal Cambodian. The company believes this issomething all Cambodians can be proud of.
     A Rebirth

Lotus flower is a symbol of beauty,purity and faithfulness. This exquisiteflower, which can be found all overCambodia, is believed to be a sign of Rebirth.


A Strong Nation

The complimentary colour of red and blue areinspired by the colours of Cambodia’s Flag, arepresentation of the Country. Historically, this countrywas built by some of the strongest people, the mostpowerful in the 11th century, and attained by the oneswho dearly love the country despite the civil wars andhardship.

As the first life insurance in Cambodia who isproudly dedicated to serving the nation, Camlife will liveup the Khmer dream and hope, and continue to standstrong.