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VAS Merchant Partner

 No.  Merchant   Period  Benefit  of Camlife  Process

 Domino's Pizza

 15/03 - 15/05

1. Discount on menu: We can provide 15% discount on menu for any pizza except side item such as dessert, chicken wings and breads. This discount is not eligible for other promotions.


2. Each month end, Domino’s Pizza will have a buy one get one free program for online order. However, for the Camlife customer who have receive the message they can get this offer without ordering online meaning that they can use SMS to show to the store and get the promo plus a free flow of coke as well. ( this is special for cam life customers only)

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 Sun Moon Urban Hotel

 15/03 - 15/05

1. Accommodation : Hotel Rooms all room categories 25% (Apply on Best Flexible Rate (Public Rate) on hotel website for any room type. And not apply to any package or in house promotion in house) 


2. Food & Beverage :  

    - UNPLUG Bar 15% 

    - SALT N’PEPPER Gastro Pub 15% 

    - CLOUD9, Skybar 15% -# 8 VIP Lounge 15%

     (Discount from the menu and it is not applied with any

      event day or in-house promotion)

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 The Place GYM


  16/03 - 16/05

   - 10% OFF on 1 Year membership

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  27/04 - 30/04  

     -   Provide discount 30% for customers’ Camlife just

          show the SMS blast 

     -    Discount 30% for only Combo Meal (individual

          combo only) Excepted Value Meal combo

     -    Valid for all KFC Outlets Offer from

           27th – 30th April 2018 (4days

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 Export Outlet

 19/03 - 19/12

-          20% Off on 1 Year membership  

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