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      300 Life Insurance Plan

1. What is the 300 Life Insurance Plan?

300 life insurance plan is a program offered by Cellcard in cooperation with Cambodia Life Insurance PLC. “Camlife” to all eligible loyalty subscribers of Cellcard. It provides a financial protection to life assured’s family in case of life assured risks to life due to all kinds of causes.

2. Features of the plan 

- Coverage period : 6 months;
- Payment
: Free;
- Issued age : 18 to 50 years;
- Sum assured  
: 300 USD.

3. Benefits of the plan    

- Pay 100% of sum assured.

4. Do I need to register for 300 Life Insurance? If yes, how?

Yes, you do. After eligibility is met, you will receive a SMS. Then you can dial #4311# or Send “Yes” to 4311.

5. General Exclusions

Camlife shall not pay the claim if the death of the life assured is due to:

1.    Suicide or defined murder;

2.    HIV infection, AIDS or AIDS related diseases;

3.    A committed/attempted criminal offense;

4.    Illness during the first 3 months from policy effective date;

5.    Pre-existing conditions during the first 3 months from policy effective date.

6. How to Claim?

Call Camlife’s Call Center at 061 431 111 (office hours).

Terms and Conditions

a)    Registration for insurance means subscribers agree to submit their profile to Camlife.

b)    One subscriber must receive only one insurance policy in the promotion period. For example, a subscriber tops up his phone balance 4$ and get free insurance in the first month. Second month, he tops up 4$ again, he must not be entitle for duplicate insurance.

c)    If a subscriber registers multiple SIM cards for this insurance, only a single policy is valid to be paid claim.

d)    In case, a subscriber gets more than one insurance accidentally, when claim happens, Camlife only pays one.

e)    Insurance coverage is valid for 06 months.

f)     Age of life assured must be from 18 to 50 years (last birthday).

g)    We only pay the valid claim to subscribers who are registered for insurance with correct name to his/her phone number. For instance, a subscriber registers for insurance under the name of other persons (your SIM card is registered under other’s person name). This case, we shall not pay the claim. On the other hand, if they first inform Camlife for correction, Camlife shall pay the claim when claim happens.

h)   Claims must be informed within 3 months from the death of insured occurred, otherwise it is rejected.


 1. Who is eligible to this 300 life insurance?

-    Any Cellcard’s registered subscriber whose age is from 18 to 50 years of age (last birthday)

-    Top-up balance up to $US4 a month during the promotion period till 4th March 2018.

 2. Do I need to pay for this 300 life insurance?

No. It is for FREE.

 3. When can I know this 300 life insurance starting to cover me after my registration?

You will receive an SMS to confirm.

4. Why might I be rejected for the attempt of registration to this 300 insurance?

Your phone number might not meet the eligibilities. Please call Camlife’s Call Center

at 061 431 111.

5. Can I apply for this 300 life insurance if my phone number (SIM card) is not registered under my name?

Yes you can. Please call Camlife’s Call Center at 061 431 111.

6. What are the required documents to submit for filing a claim?

Required documents are:

•   Death claim form filled in by assured’s family (beneficiary*);

•   A copy of ID card/Passport/Birth Certificate of the assured. The original document is needed to verify;

•   ID Card/passport /birth certificate of beneficiary. The original document is needed to verify;

•   Death Certificate from competent authority. The original document is needed to verify;

7. How long does Camlife take to decide a claim after receive a complete set of document?

A claim shall be decided in maximum of 07 working days after receiving the

complete required document.

8. How is claim amount paid to life assured’s family?

The amount can be paid through Wing transfer, bank transfer or cash (life assured’s

family needs need to receive cash at Camlife’s office).

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